Did you know that youths are finding it increasingly difficult to find gainful employment? Of the region’s(Guyana, The Caribbean & Latin America) 115 million young people in the 18 to 24 year age bracket, 25.8 million of them are known as NEETs – not in employment, education or training. To make matters worse, many Guyana, The Caribbean & Latin American youth who do find jobs end up working in poor conditions (sweat shops, lackie, storegirl, strippers, higgler, illicit drug runners, etc etc and the list can go on. Six in every 10 young people in Guyana The Caribbean & Latin America work in unlawful labor conditions, according to a recent International Labor Organization report. Here is your opportunity to assist in doing something about it…We cannot do it without your support!!

Y.E.E.S in partnership with CAREP and Fabulous Homes International, began in January 2016, provided training stints of six weeks to six month duration for batches of young unemployed/underemployed individuals who were interested in pursuing a career in real estate and other brokerage related fields. Participants/trainees will acquired life skills and understood how marketing and social network interaction intertwines with every aspect of sales and building self-confidence while creating a consistent stream of income to sustain themselves and their families.  

This multifaceted training program have been improving the total individual and adequately equipping each individual to lead a productive life while contributing positively to their individual economies. Since we knew It’s is often easy to train the youth, but to see them into the work force is the daunting task, Y.E.E.S in partnership with Fabulous Homes International Reality Group guaranteed employment to successful participants/trainees as agents to work for commissioned wages and bonuses upon completion of their program (there is No Limit to what they can earn). 
Lend your support in whatever way you can to this noble cause.