In any developing economy, entrepreneurship is seen as the national asset to be cultivated to propel the development of the country. Thus, entrepreneurship should be motivated and remunerated to the greatest possible extent for the progress of our country’s economy.

The government and the country as a whole seems to need alternative pathways to address the levels of high unemployment and lack of leadership among the young citizenry of this country. While efforts are afoot to help address these issues and Ministers have repeatedly called for an entrepreneurial spirit to be birthed in the land, we believe that some citizens need to be given the opportunity to learn just how beneficial being self-reliant and sufficient can be. Underpinning this concept is the popular adage… ‘Give a man a fish and feed him for a day but teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. The Y.E.E.S program seeks to propose a system of partnership with the government or NGO to provide training in youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and sustainability for young people through real estate training and development. It is believed that if individuals at a tender age are empowered and trained as professionals, later becoming leaders in their respective fields, greatly contributing   to the development of the economy and the country as a whole. Caribbean Association of Real estate professionals in  partnership with Fabulous Homes International Institute of Real Estate beginning January 2016, currently provide training stints of twenty weeks duration for batches of young unemployed and underemployed  individuals who are interesting in pursuing a career in real estate and other brokerage related fields.


Caribbean Association of Real Estate professional in partnership with Fabulous Homes International Institute of Real Estate have designed and and delivers a training module geared at preparing youths to successfully initiate and sustain a job in any brokerage field. We teach  Management and Brokerage Ownership as an avenue to create employment for young entrepreneur throughout Guyana. Above all, individuals entering our Institute will acquire life skills and understand how marketing and social network interaction intertwines with every aspect of sales and building self-confidence while creating a consistent stream of income to sustain themselves and their families. This multifaceted training program  improves the total individual and adequately equip each individual to lead a productive life.

Target Group

This program  attract individuals who are between the ages of eighteen to twenty-five years (18-45). The minimum qualification is five (5) Caribbean Secondary Education Certification (CSEC) subjects inclusive of passes in Mathematics and English up to Grade Four proficiency.

We also have a subsidiary program that is designed to attract students who have not met the minimum requirement but who are interested in pursuing such a career.

There is a minimum of thirty individuals for every batch of training. Each batch  undergo an intensive twenty weeks training regime.

Quality Assurance

Caribbean Association of Real estate professionals has a pool of professionally trained Real estate agents and brokers who are equipped with the knowledge and skills that deliver a dynamic curriculum to the individuals who currently access this program.

Through partnership with Fabulous Homes International Realty Group( a company that is blazing the trail in the Real estate industry of the U.S, Caribbean & Latin America), created the first Official Institute of Real estate in Guyana, extending first class real estate training and curriculum for budding real estate professionals in this territory. In addition, the company has forged alliance with literacy experts to provide the required boost to the language proficiency skills of the individuals.

The Training Module

A threefold training module is  utilized. The emphasis is focused on real estate Industry training and brokerage relations, computer literacy and language proficiency. The course content is highlighted hereunder.

Real EstateLanguage Proficiency
Real Estate 101/Agency & Brokerage relationsDefinitions of Literacy
Appraisal/Evaluation MethodsLiteracy in Everyday Life
Banking & Finance 101Developing creative thinking skills
Building 101Listening and speaking skills for effective communication
Contracts 101Delivering impact message/ Being a persuasive speaker
ConveyanceReading and interpreting information from a variety of sources
EasementWriting as a means of communicating
Types of EstatesThe importance and functions of the parts of speech
Types of AgenciesWord origins and derivatives
Government’s Role in Real EstateSubject and Verb Concord
Legal TerminologyBusiness Letter Writing: Formats and Types
Property ManagementDealing with unmotivated and difficult people
TaxationComputer literacy and building a webpage
Sales Process/Techniques pertinent to Guyana and The United StatesAssimilation exercises

The curriculum is designed to be both study and field responsive. Each week  attract twenty-one (21) hours and fourteen (14) hours of study and field responsive training respectively. Therefore, Mondays to Wednesdays are designated class/study days, Thursdays are Computer Literacy Day and Fridays are Field Work: working with potential and real clients.

Admissions and Start of Course

Fabulous Homes International Institute of Real estate DBA Guyana First school of realestate  has a simple and open admissions policy that works with our locality and wider region, while remaining fully inclusive. Trainees from Georgetown and surrounding environs such as east and west coasts and east and west banks of Demerara will enjoy easier access to the Institute but systems can be put in place to accommodate individuals from the wider community. The Y.E.E.S  participants/trainees can commence training at the earliest convenient date providing we are able to secure adequate donations to our scholarship/bursary fund for each participant. The Institute can accommodate at least eleven batches per calendar year and can train a maximum of one  thousand  (1000) individuals within this time frame.  All classes will be held at the Fabulous Homes Guyana headquarters located at Lot 189 Church Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown.

Course Costs

Caribbean Association of Real Estate Professional in partnership with Fabulous Homes international Institute of Real estate is committed to building a cadre of professional entrepreneurs who will promote community and national development. As a commissioned based real estate company, we do not have the potential to pay a salary nor stipend to trainees. Therefore, it is hoped that government or responsive organization will provide a subvention or pay a stipend to each participant within the Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (Y.E.E.S) program. We propose a minimum stipend of thirty thousand dollars ($30 000GYDS)(150 US) per participant per course. A simple budget for this program would require a total of Thirty million, Guyana dollars ($30,000,000 GYDS) (150,000 U.S) annually i.e. One  thousand persons at thirty thousand Guyana dollars each.


The curriculum is designed to work in tandem with a system of continuous assessment. Trainees will be assessed at the end of every three units of work and will be required to write a final examination (posttest). Only those who satisfy the criterion for passing will be awarded a certificate or diploma.

Employment and Recruitment

Fabulous Homes International Reality Group will guarantee employment to successful individuals as agents to work for commissioned wages and Bonuses upon completion of the program. However, each successful individual will also be given the prerogative to seek employment within any company of his/her choice or to start a company of his/her own.The Y.E.E.S program was conceptualized by the Board of Caribbean Association of Real Estate Professionals as an Initiative to address the High Unemployment rate among youths throughout Guyana and the Caribbean Region. This program will be administered by well learned capable professionals.  Please Sponsor a participant

 We cannot  Accomplish these goals without you.